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EB-PRO™ Neuromuscular Test On the weekend of September 20 - 21, 2003 at a Seminar sponsored by Erchonia Medical, EB Ion Therapy System and a Computerized Range of Motion System (CRMS) were used in a random trial to prove the effectiveness of the EB foot bath. Doctors were asked to participate in the trial by doing a pre and post-computerized check of muscle strength using the CRMS Musculoskeletal Metrics.

The Doctor received a Computerized Comparative Muscle Strength Test (CCMT) procedure that was performed in order to determine asymmetry in muscle strength and to quantify muscle strength loss as noted on the subjective muscle strength test. These muscle strength losses of the upper and/or lumbar extremities indicate neurological facilitation resulting from trauma to the cervical and/or lumbar spine.

The Doctor was then given a standard 23 minute Balance treatment.

The Doctor was then re-evaluated using the CRMS to determine if any change in strength occurred.

Results: The EB System demonstrates the ability to improve Neurologic Facilitation by increasing muscle strength, which is the Gold Standard for any therapeutic device. Muscle Strength testing is an intricate part of any examination as described in the 5th edition of the AMA’s guides to Evaluation of Permanent Impairment.
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